Mosque clocks
Travel Mosque Clock - Sandall Green       £10.20 inc UK P&P
At last, the Mosque clock can now easily be taken out of the home with the all new Travel Mosque Clock.

This compact clock has all the features and volume of the larger models but in a convenient portable size. Ideal for international business travellers or busy individuals staying away from home. Fitting neatly into hand or personal luggage the Travel Mosque Clock is a must for any one needing a reliable alarm clock when on the move. Also great for home use when space is at a premium.

Key Features:

  • Realistic voice sounding alarm
  • Really loud
  • Non-sweeping second hand
  • Clock features 12 hours cycles
  • Red Handô Alarm indicator
  • Auto-dimming of light when alarm sounds
  • Cardboard presentation box

Dimensions: 135 * 115 * 55 mm (L*H*W)
Weight: 0.2 Kg (without batteries)
Batteries required: 3 AA / R6 - that's regular 'Walkman size'.


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