Mosque clocks
As you can see there really is no need for a hard sell with mosque clocks. So instead, we have spent our time making some fun things.

Please note that in no way wishes to offend, parody or trivialise the Islamic faith and its devotees. If you think you may find this offensive, don't look.

Sandals at Seven - the movie

A look at the lighter side of the mosque clock. See how a clock could change your mornings with the mosque advert.

Check out some photos from the video shoot.

Disclaimer: This movie contains scenes of running, jumping and sleeping. No beards were harmed during the making of this movie.

Sandal Slinga - the game

Awesome shockwave game!
Help Mustapha Falafel save the factory from robbers. Pump the volume and sling them sandals!

Let me at em...

>>> Azan Attack - That Fresh

Another cracking tune from Stuboxx
A big beat phat sound - incorporating the alarm of the mosque clock and the lyrics of The Mosque Master. Hear his toastin and a boastin here...

>>> mosque clock massive

Original tune - incorporating the alarm of the mosque clock. Written by Stuboxx for and performed live - hear it to believe it.