Mosque clocks

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I have my Mosque Clock on my desk at work and set it for tea time.
Everyone in my office is familiar with the joyful sound of 'call to coffee'. Sometimes I have forget to turn the alarm off and it calls after hours when only the cleaners are around- oh the laughs we share as they try to discover the source of the wondrous sound! Mosque Clocks Rock!

Emma from Melbourne, Australia

I am so pleased with new mosque alarm clock. It is possibly the tackiest thing I have ever seen in my life and I laughed for a good 10 minutes when I first saw it. I can't believe that something so small can make such a racket. I'll never be late for work again!

Helen from England, UK

I have always had a keen interest in religious monuments and places of worship, I am also a strong believer in punctuality. Just imagine my delight when I found! When my first mosque clock was delivered I could hardly contain my delight - it was better than I ever dare dreamed!

Joe from London, UK

Thank you very much for the prompt and efficient delivery of my stunning new clock. It is a wonder in plastic. Not only is it deafeningly loud but completely fails to colour co-ordinate with anything in my bedroom. Marvellous!

Tanya from Masterton, New Zealand

The service from Mosqueclock was brilliant, prompt and hassle free. The clock is one of the best things I've ever bought and is truly a great item I love it and so does my girlfriend for whom it was a gift.

Frazer from Lancaster, UK

Your service was great! I could tell that you would do anything you could to get me a clock. Even if you had to dress up like a Arab, smuggle it out of the country and personally deliver it to my door.

Don from VA, USA

The clock was actually a present for a friend, and I have not actually seen it, but the ease of delivery was excellent. Furthermore it was quick and simple to order.

Edward from London, UK

The service I received from was first rate. My Islamic timepiece was delivered to my door within a week. I wouldn't get my mosque-shaped clocks anywhere else - Praise be to Allah.

Paul from London, UK

no complaints - all mosque-shape & Al Bristol fashion!

Tom from London, UK

It was marvelous, the best laugh for the money I have ever spent.....I even recommended the site to a friend who purchased one aswell.

Steve from Cheshire, UK

The service from you was great, the clocks arrived quickly, in perfect condition, no problems. So in summary, thanks very much for a prompt and professional service.

Pete from Yorkshire, UK

This was a present for a friend (who has trouble getting out of bed in the morning !!)
However your service was prompt & delivery very quick.

David from Essex, UK

Hi there, MosqueClock "double" customer here.
To be brutally honest your service is a lot better than some of the multi-nationals!!
I am very happy with the fine products on offer, Travel Clock and the Deluxe beast are fantastically awful!!
As for the badly wrapping, those responsible are "Gifted Geniuses". Giving and receiving these gifts has been hilarious.
Brilliant realplayer trailer on the site, all round you have a fabulous company.

Dercott from Keswick, UK

I was very pleased with the mosque clock that I purchased from yourself.
I have been wanting to get my hands on a mosque clock for sometime now, and was very disappointed when I couldn't get hold of one whilst in Bangledesh last year. After a year of racking my brain on how to get hold of one, I (finally) decided to look on the net, and your site was thrown up by most of the search engines I used. I mostly carry mine around in my handbag (it is the travel clock after all), so that I can show all my friends, or else I play it to people down the phone.... ah, hours of amusement! Getting up in the morning is know longer a problem, knowing that I really don't have to pray.

Rebecca from Liverpool, UK

I was very happy with the service and the product.

Dale from Maidenhead, UK

That is one hell of an ugly clock and loud! I bought it as a gift for a very good friend of mine who absolutely hates it - mission accomplished! I am going to force him to put it on display everytime I visit;-)
We had his birthday party at our local bar and everytime new guests arrived, the clock was presented and demonstrated. Somehow that got funnier as the evening went on.........
Delivery time? Fine, it arrived well before the party, no problem. The website? Great fun, I have told my friends about it. So all in all, I highly recommend your company to anyone with weird friends - like me;-)

Birgitte from Aalborg, Denmark

FABULOUS!!!! I do not have sufficient vocabulary to express my delight at recieving such a high quality example of craftsmanship as the mosque clock. All my family and friends are cowering at the prospect of recieving their very own for birthdays/weddings/other auspicious occasions.
Thankyou for providing me with such quality merchandise.

Claire from Surrey, UK

I thought everything about your site & service was great!! I would not hesitate to recommend you to friends and family.Keep up the good work!!
I loved my clock!!!!!!!! so does my friend who I brought it for! unfortunately for me, I have to leave my lovely clock outside my bedroom on the landing as the TICKING drives me MAD!!!!!!!!! so when the alarm goes off I have to run so the whole neighbourhood is not woken at 6.00am!

Karen from West Midlands, UK

The website was easy to use, the clock arrived quickly, and made a great house-warming gift for my friend - so much so that its been used for many a practical joke! If you only buy one Mosque Clock, make sure you get it from!

Matt from London, UK

It not only does the trick in waking me up but most of the neighbours too! I heard about the clock from a friend who knows I'm really into Arab music, culture etc so I thought I "mosque" have one!

Geraldine from Exeter, UK

I am a fan!!!!

Leif from London, UK

The service was great, no problems. I really like the clock though I wish it has a snooze button.

Mary from Canada

Hello, thanks for delivering my turkish delight coloured timepiece so promptly. Whenever I let 'er rip whilst feasting upon my evening falafel it reminds me very much of my recent visit to Cairo; all the class, less bilharzia.

Laura from Warwickshire, UK

Ordering was really simple, its the first time I have ever bought anything via the internet and after I had done it I must admit I was a little dubious as to whether I would ever receive my clock but literally a few days later it was delivered to the address I had requested. I was really impressed and relieved. Thanks for such a prompt service, the clock is a present to someone who has just decorated and furnished their bedroom in a very ecletic way !

Belinda from Essex, UK